Vtrust Tower

Golden Tree

VTrust Tower, a 12-storey building, is a Grade B tower. VTrust Tower provides a high quality office space for rent with sophisticated structure and security controls. It is located in Phnom Penh and the tower can be accessed via major artery roads in Phnom Penh. Construction of VTrust Tower was commenced in 2010 and substantially completed in September 2015 and the business started its operations in late 2015.


office space in Phnom Penh

The Property

Vtrust Tower provides circa 26000 sqm GFA of office space.

A large area allowing you and your team to feel more focused and content on working.

There is ample on-site parking for you, your colleagues, employees and clients alike, plus another parking lot nearby.

The Services

Services such as daily cleaning, facility maintenance, security and water are all included in your rental fee.

The location

Vtrust Tower is located fronting onto an unnamed metalled road.

VTrust Tower is surrounded by shop houses, shop offices, other office building, commercial complexes, retails and governmental premises. It is approximately 2 kilometers to the south-west of the Central Business District (CBD) and about 700 metres to the north of Olympic stadium by road.